Our team has 24 members. Our board members can be found here.

Anna Alberts

Anna Alberts leads the EU research project She has a degree in international development studies and international relations and worked as desk officer for data- and geopolitics at the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Netherlands. Anna develops Social Innovation projectsat the Peace Innovation Lab in Berlin.

Anna works on:

Arne Semsrott

Arne leads and is an expert in the domain of Freedom of Information (FOI). With a background in political science, he also works as a freelance journalist and engages with other NGOs in topics related to transparency and lobbyism, e.g. for and the Whistleblower Network.

Arne works on:

Bela Seeger

Bela works alongside Anna to bring more transparency to budget data in Europe with OpenBudgets. He specializes in public relations, communication, and graphic design and compiles the monthly OKF newsletter. He holds a degree in European Studies on Society, Science and Technology and joined OKF DE in 2014.

Bela works on:

Eileen Wagner

Eileen is part of the team behind Code for Germany and the Prototype Fund. She studied philosophy and logic.

Eileen works on:

Elisa Lindinger

Elisa supports the Codefor team in the project “Digital Refugee Labs’. After studying Prehistory, she soon got involved with IT projects in the cultural sector. Apart from working for OKF DE, she supports archaeological research projects in Sudan technically and takes part in the Research Center for Culture and Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Elisa works on:

Ernesto Ruge

Ernesto supervises and develops the projects Politik bei Uns and OParl and therefore the topic local transparency and local government information systems. Additionally, he works with mobility data / renewable energy sources and administrates the OKF-DE blogfarm. He works as a self-employed consultant and developer.

Ernesto works on:

Fiona Krakenbürger

Fiona has been with OKF DE since 2014 and is Code for Germany’s Community Organizer. She supports 20 Open Knowledge Labs together with Julia and Eileen and studies the sociology of technology at the Technical University in Berlin. She has strong ties to a number of different NGOs that are connected to OKF DE’s work and has been active in the field of digital literacy for a number of years. In 2016, Fiona will be Project Lead in the Code for Germany project “Digital Refugee Labs’.

Fiona works on:

Helene Hahn

Helene’s main focus is OpenGLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and Open Culture. Through her work, she campaigns for open access to and free usage of cultural heritage, in order to ensure the relevance of cultural artefacts in the digital world. At OKF DE, she is project lead for Coding da Vinci, a cultural hackathon. She also assists with Zugang Gestalten and Jugend hackt. She studied cultural sciences and economics in Germany and abroad.

Helene works on:

Jasmin Helm

Jasmin studied sociology at Potsdam University and supports the project „Datenschule“ since October 2016. The handling of data in a responsible way is a main concern for her.
Jasmin works on:

Johanna zum Felde

Johanna coordinates the working group Arbeitskreis Open Government Partnership. She also contributed to the projects 2030 Watch, and Datensummit. During her studies she has accumulated experience in the field of communication for international development, e.g. with Oxfam Hong Kong and the German equivalent to the campaign “Make Poverty History’. During her masters thesis with a focus on transparency in development cooperation she has worked at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Bank in Washington, D.C. She previously was employed in the management of an organic fruit start-up and volunarily engaged at Transparency International, in particular for Hamburg’s Transparency Law.

Johanna works on:

Julia Kloiber

Julia is project lead at OKF DE since 2012. Her work focuses on the areas of Open Data and Civic Tech. She has realized a number of community-driven projects such as StadtLandCode, Germanys first incubator for Civic Tech, and a number of Open Data hackathons. Currently, she is the project lead of Code for Germany, a nationwide civil tech community that builds digital tools and applications using Open Data. Julia studied Design and New Media, and worked in policy campaigns before joining the Open Knowledge Foundation. She is a member of Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. and gives talks on Open Knowledge and Open Tools.

Julia works on:

Knut Perseke

Knut works as a programmer with Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland since February 2015. He is currently enrolled at TU Berlin (computer science) and supports our projects with his technical expertise. He focusses on mobile applications and web development, and is founding member of the project Mnemosyne, developing new forms of access to archives of cultural heritage institutions.

Knut works on:

Kristina Klein

Kristina is Chief Operating Officer of OKF DE since August 2014. Previously, she worked as Peace Building Fund Coordinator with UNHCR in Myanmar. Kristina was the deputy lead of the Brussels office of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and part of the International Relations team of Körber Foundation. She has furthermore worked with the Danish Refugee Council in Myanmar and the Wall Street Journal Europe in Berlin.

Leonard Wolf

Leonard Wolf unterstützte 2015 bereits als Praktikant und Fotograf das Team von „Jugend hackt“ bei der Planung und Durchführung des Berliner Events. Im Juli 2016 schloss er seine Schullaufbahn ab und entschied sich dann für einen Bundesfreiwilligendienst. Diesen macht er nun seit September 2016 bei der Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland. Dabei ist er vorrangig für „Jugend hackt“ und „Frag den Staat“ tätig und unterstützt die jeweiligen Teams. Leonard ist darüber hinaus auch ehrenamtlich bei mehreren Organisationen und Vereinen, die sich mit Jugendbeteiligung und Demokratiepädagogik auseinandersetzen, engagiert. Sein persönliches Interesse liegt in der Fotografie, weshalb er auch regelmäßig als Veranstaltungsfotograf unterwegs ist.


Mara Mendes

Mara Mendes is project lead of the EU research project The Digital Whistleblower: Fiscal Transparency, Risk Assessment and Impact of Good Governance Policies Assessed. The central objective of DIGIWHIST is to improve trust in governments and efficiency of public spending across Europe. Previously, she has worked in the area of advocacy and campaigning with Transparency International. Mara is interested in fighting against and preventing corruption. She holds a masters degree in Media, Communication and Development and a Bachelor in Sociology, Politics and Media Science.

Mara works on:

Maria Reimer

Maria Reimer is project lead for Jugend hackt. She studied Public Administration and Public Policy. Next to OKF DE, she works part-time for a member of the German parliament and actively promotes the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) as a Transparency International Germany volunteer.

Maria works on:

Dr. Markus Neuschäfer

Markus is project lead of edulabs and DARIAH-DE, he focuses on education, Digital Humanities and Open Science. He engages with Open Data in Science and Culture and is especially curious about the visibility of open content and open educational resources. He holds a PhD German Philology, worked at the University of Göttingen and developed Open Science business models in publishing. He also supports the volunteer platform with webdesign and coordination.

Markus works on:

Maximilian Richt

Maximilian created and For the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany he works on a voluntary basis from Southern Germany, where he lives and works in his day-job at headissue.

Maximilian works on:

Maximilian Voigt

Maximilian Voigt supports the project edulabs as an assistent. Further more he campaigns for fabrication laboratories, is engaged in physical computing and supports free education. Before his work at the OKF he co founded the FabLab Cottbus e.V., studied technical journalism, public relations and culture and technology. His master thesis was about the educational potential of open workshops.

Maximilian works on:

Michael Peters

Michael joined OKF Germany as Data Scientist for the projects: EU Subsidy Stories, and He studied Public Economics and advocates Transparency of Fiscal Data. His main tasks are Data Mining and Data Analysis.


Moritz Neujeffski

Moritz works at the School of Data together with Helene and Knut. He gives workshops and supports NGOs in analysing and using data for their campaigning efforts. Moritz has studied European Studies and Public Policy and Human Development at Maastricht University and is also active at the Berlin Social Science Center.

Moritz works on:

Paula Glaser

Paula organises Jugend hackt together with Maria. The project was part of her master thesis on Media and Education at the PH Freiburg. Previously, she worked for the Fraunhofer Institute and has filmed documentaries. Paula finds Open Data interesting and important because it stimulates active democratic participation.

Paula works on:

Walter Palmetshofer

Walter is an economist by training and has been involved in the domain of Netzpolitik for many years. He is project lead of the EU research project Open Data Incubator (ODINE), the Digitaler Offenheitsindex [do:index], and supervises the Open Data Census. He worked as a system administrator in NYC, before moving to Berlin, where he co-founded a start-up in 2012.

Walter works on:

Xiaowei Chen

Xiaowei works in the frame of German Chancellor Fellowship since November 2016 for Open Knowledge Foundation as Visiting Scholar. Her project is Freedom of Information in Germany.