The Open Knowledge Foundation Germany considers itself an active part of German and European civil society. We promote and support civil rights as they are formulated in the German constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights. We especially focus on the following topics related to digital society:

Freedom of Information

We advocate free and open access to information and documents from public authorities.

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Offene Kultur

Der Wert frei nutzbarer Kulturdaten liegt vor allem darin, Kulturinstitutionen in ihrem gesellschaftlichen Auftrag zu unterstützen, sei es bei der Förderung kultureller Bildung, beim Erforschen von Sammlungsobjekten oder dem Bewahren ebendieser vor dem Zerfall.

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Open Data

Free access to knowledge is a civil right that we promote. Open data must be freely usable, re-used, and distributed by anyone. Personal data is exempt from this rule.

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Open Science

Digitalization has the potential to make scientific work transparent, efficient, and more collaborative. Open Science combines strategies and processes that aim at making all aspects of the scientific process openly accessible and re-usable.

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Open government

Open government aims at making processes of governance and administration more transparent in order to facilitate mechanisms of participation.

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